Contemplate Death to Give Yourself Life

This picture was taken shortly before we lost my Papa (my mom’s dad), who was like a father to me. It was difficult for all of us.

When someone I know and love dies, it is extremely painful, yet it reminds me to recommit to who and what I care about, because all of our deaths are imminent.

We have a short time to listen to the song of our heart and express it. We do not know when we will be gone. The saddest story is not that you chased a dream and failed, it’s that you left this world with your song still inside you.

When you realize you might die soon or someone you love might die soon, will you stick to your guns in this argument you’re having with your sister? Will you keep letting yourself be mistreated by your friend or boss? Will you keep letting your fears stop you from opening a car wash? Will you worry what your friend’s neighbor will think of your new necktie?

Your life is precious and will never exist again, so do everything in your power to express yourself to the fullest. Even a silly whim to change your style or brush up on your Spanish skills are clues to what your life’s song will be. So get a stylist and take a Spanish class as soon as you can. Be brave in pursuing what is in your heart, even if it sounds silly. The world needs to hear your song.


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