Confidence and Compliments

We’re wired to remember negative things people say about us. To combat this, I create lists of compliments people give me. When a compliment happens, I type it word for word in a note in my phone. Later, I transfer the compliment to my discovery journal (more on this journal in another post) or my vision board. The rewriting helps me focus on positive aspects of myself. Sometimes when I create a new vision board, I have to write the compliments out once again, which helps me think about these positive comments even more. I have my compliments displayed where I will see and read them often. Right now, they are posted on a vision board on my closet door. I also have compliments that are specific to my writing posted on the desk I write upon, in my room. These compliments are wide ranging, so I encourage everyone to write down every compliment that helps you feel more confident, no matter how silly they might be.

To get started, think about your favorite compliments people have given you and write those down. If it was in an e-mail, you can print that email and post it in your room or office or add it to your journal. Post them where you will see them. You will be surprised at how they make you smile and feel more confident. And the importance of confidence can’t be overstated. Confidence helps you live the life you want to live.

This is part of my vision board that is posted on my closet door. (I really love sea lions.)

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